Our Nobel Clinician implant surgery planning software allows implants to be positioned precisely and guarantees an accurate final aesthetic outcome. In order to help we can loan you surgery planning software which not only helps you position the implants but also will protect you from the burden of large financial investment.


Our expert hands on approach ensures quality professional assistance from planning stages through to diagnostic process to the final restoration. The depth of experience in our laboratory ensures that even the most complex of cases can be undertaken with complete confidence.


Crown and Bridges

Combined with conventional procedures and expert knowledge of the materials we use, it allows us to produce some amazing results whether it’s metal supported or all ceramic restoration. Using photo aid or patient consultation we are able to match or achieve the most natural teeth.


Our prosthesis are customised to a patient’s specific tissue characterisation to achieve the most natural look. Whether it is definitive set of dentures or long term temporary solution our prosthesis is often crafted with the aid of photo imaging or an interview with the patient.