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We provide a wide range of implant restorations from single unit to full mouth rehabilitation. With a broad choice of restorative options each case is a custom tailored treatment,incorporating Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD CAM) and conventional crafting procedures.


Our laboratory is largely digitalised, working in partnership with UK’s leading milling and 3D printing specialists.
We accept all intraoral STL files Trios, iTero, Caresteam and many more.

Crown and Bridges

We proudly offer our services in our aesthetic department. Tooth borne or implant retained, our crown and bridge department carries long term experience and continuing expertise. We incorporate largely Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD CAM).


We provide prosthetic restorations in a range of colours and strength of acrylics whether it’s conventional, chrome cobalt frame (Vitallium) or implants retained.


Our clients about us over time


Here at the London Implant and Aesthetic Lab we strive for the absolute best, therefore we teamed up with the UK’s leading milling and 3D printing partners and material suppliers to maintain the quality of our products.

„Oral harmony via knowledge of materials, experience and above all sympathetic approach”